Tributes To Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere – Founder & International Director of Greater Evangelism World Crusade

Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere - Distinguished Christian Leader & Bible TeacherApostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere was born on 3 March 1944 or thereabout (his birth was not registered). His father was Pa Numbere Bobonari Abbi Princewill Amachree of Abbi Polo (Compound) of Buguma in Kalabari Kingdom, Rivers State of Nigeria and his mother was Mammy, the daughter of Chief Akamiheonye and Madam Nwabuego Okorie of Ohohia, Mbieri, Imo State of Nigeria.

Death of Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere 15 October 2014 - Write A Tribute To Him Here

Apostle G. D. Numbere was born again on Sunday, 11 May 1969 at the University of Ife, Ibadan Campus, where he was then a student of Geology. On 3 March 1970, he received the call of God for full-time service through a vision in which the LORD Jesus Christ took him up to three heavens, and showed him crowds and crowds of perishing souls. The Lord commissioned him to go and lift up the faces of those people to look up to Him and be saved.

Death of Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere 15 October 2014 - Write A Tribute To Him Here

Apostle G. D. Numbere founded Greater Evangelism World Crusade on Saturday, 9 September 1972 during an all-night prayer meeting in Port Harcourt. The name, the logo, and the motto (“To Know Jesus And To Make Jesus Known”) were all given by the Lord through visions. Consequently, he pioneered indigenous Pentecostalism and evangelism in Rivers and Bayelsa States of Nigeria in the 1970’s.

Death of Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere 15 October 2014 - Write A Tribute To Him Here

For many years, the thrust of Apostle Numbere’s evangelistic mission was the virtually inaccessible Eastern Delta Region of Nigeria, reaching the un-reached for Jesus Christ by taking the Gospel to the downtrodden, underprivileged and forgotten people of the numerous islands and villages of Rivers and Bayelsa States. By God’s grace, the Ministry has spread to various parts of Nigeria, Africa, and the United Kingdom. As the Founder and International Director of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Apostle Numbere positively affected many lives worldwide, leading thousands and thousands of people to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Death of Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere 15 October 2014 - Write A Tribute To Him Here

After 45 years of steadfast commitment to the call of God and an exemplary Christian leadership, Apostle Numbere went to be with The LORD on Wednesday, 15 October 2014. He is survived by his most beloved wife Pastor Dr (Mrs) Nonyem E. Numbere, five precious children (Tammy, Wari, Kaydee, Toki, James) and 4 lovely grandchildren.


Leesi Ebenezer Mitee - Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NigeriaI personally designed this website today specifically for tributes to our most beloved father in The LORD, Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere. Let us honour him.

God bless you! Maranatha!

Leesi Ebenezer Mitee (Webmaster & Tributes Aggregator)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Death of Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere 15 October 2014 - Write A Tribute To Him Here





Day 1: Monday 8 December 2014

  • Exhibition of the Works of Apostle G. D. Numbere

Features: Books, articles, messages, souvenirs/mementoes, treasured items and documentation

Venue: Greater Evangelism World Crusade, No. 47 Isiokpo Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers State & Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Opolo Church, Bayelsa State

Time: Morning – evening

  • Music Concert/Praise Night

Venue: Joseph Yobo Field, Igbokwu Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere's Burial Activity Day 1: Praise Night (Concert) 8 December 2014

Day 2: Tuesday 9 December 2014

  • Teaching/Documentary – The Life and Times of Apostle G. D. Numbere

Venue: All zonal headquarters of Greater Evangelism World Crusade

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Day 3: Wednesday 10 December 2014

  • Service of Songs

Venue: Greater Evangelism World Crusade World Headquarters (Temple), Rukpokwu, Airport Road, Port Harcourt

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Day 4: Friday 12 December 2014

  • Brief Stops

    at Apostle G. D. Numbere’s residence in Port Harcourt, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Secretariat, Port Harcourt and Greater Evangelism World Crusade Town Church I, Port Harcourt

  • Special Valedictory Session

Venue: Buguma (Abbi Polo & Apostle G. D. Numbere’s Residence)

Time: 12 noon

  • Lying-in-State

Venue: Greater Evangelism World Crusade Base Church, No. 47 Isiokpo Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Day 5: Saturday 13 December 2014

  • Homegoing Service and Interment

Venue: Greater Evangelism World Crusade World Headquarters (Temple), Rukpokwu, Airport Road, Port Harcourt

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Day 6: Sunday 14 December 2014

  • Thanksgiving Service

Venue: Greater Evangelism World Crusade World Headquarters (Temple), Rukpokwu, Airport Road, Port Harcourt

Time: 9:00 a.m.



“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15


A Poetic Tribute To Apostle G. D. Numbere

Leesi Ebenezer Mitee: A Poetic Tribute to Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere (1944 - 2014)

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  1. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Apostle Numbere stayed many days and nights in my home when he visited first Boston and then Iowa. We had many Bible studies and much laughter together. One of the memorable events was our journey to the cape, which is about a 2-hour drive from Boston. It was evening, after returning from work. We drove in the night for a meeting and my eyes became tired so that the headlights coming from the opposite direction were blinding me. Seeing the danger we were in, Apostle Numbere took over the driving. He drove the car safely to the meeting. When we got there he preached a sermon I have never forgotten titled, “I see men, walking as trees.” Many were healed in that meeting, including those who wore glasses. They no longer needed them at the end of the meeting because they were healed. It was a beautiful time in the house of the Lord there. We drove back safely and I had no problems with vision.

    There are many stories and testimonies of Apostle Numbere in America that I personally experienced. Few may know of his friends In Boston, but Anna Mae and Alex Skinner were some of his strongest supporters. (They have both gone to be with the Lord.) They hosted the Numberes before I got to meet them. Godwin Oraeki lived with the Skinners and was instrumental in making our paths to cross. It was in their home that this relationship began. I remain forever grateful to the Lord for the blessing of knowing him and his family.

    Rest in eternal peace until we join you around the throne praising him in the language of heaven, with no more land to separate. We shall all walk on streets of gold!

    Thank you.

    Joan Branson-Oyibo
    Iowa, United States of America

  2. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    It took me time to think of a word to classify you. . . My heart bleeds to realise you are no more and it also rejoices that I met a man like you in my generation. . . Apostle Paul of my days, God’s mouthpiece, you are the real definition of boldness. . . May you rest till we meet again.


    Aina Oluwasegun
    Greater Evangelism World Crusade
    Base Church, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  3. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Daddy you have gone to glory. It is so hard to wrap my head around.

    I have spent much of the past five days feeling bewildered, disoriented, profoundly sad.

    No other person has shaped who I am more than you Daddy. . . I can quote word-for-word so many things that you have said to us. . .

    Today there is great rejoicing in heaven. . . A real hero has come home!

    He has been told “WELL DONE, my good and faithful servant. . .”

    Daddy we are so proud of you, thanking you for investing in us.

    Ramson Racheal

  4. A Tribute To My Beloved Daddy – Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Daddy, you were indeed a true man of God – this was my personal revelation about you. Jesus Himself personally appeared to me in a dream and introduced you to me as His servant that He loves so much. I have peace in my spirit that you made it to heaven and this is my consolation. It’s actually not easy to absorb the shock, however, the knowledge that you’ve gone to be with the LORD and that you are very happy where you are has wiped away my tears. They may still flow for a very long time but they will always be mixed with joy and gratitude to God for giving you to us.

    The Love you showered on my family can never be forgotten. You made sure you prayed for my husband every day in your family devotions. You stood by us when we had issues with pregnancies and assured us it was over and the LORD honoured your words. I remember the day I was to have my first child, how you were personally with us in the hospital. Even with your very tight schedule, you came to the hospital up to five times in and out of a very important meeting you had that day.

    Again, I’m consoled because I’m very sure you are resting in the bosom of The LORD Whom you served faithfully for forty-five years.

    Adieu, my Beloved Daddy!

    Your daughter,

    Mrs Telimoye Leesi Mitee
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  5. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    I grew up knowing the gospel of Jesus as I sat and listened to Apostle Numbere’s message even as a child. I grew up to be so close to the family. And it is such a blessing because I know he’s gone to be with the Lord. And what he has done will forever remain in my heart.

    God bless Apostle G. D. Numbere!

    God bless Greater Evangelism World Crusade!

    Bright Chigozie Wokekoro

  6. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    My beloved Daddy and grandfather in the Lord, I congratulate you on the unerasable footprint that you have left. You are too great to be called a Hero, Legend, icon, Commander, etc. Only heaven can give us a name that suits a man like you, Daddy. A man of status never ceased praying for God to make you humble and you praticalised humility.

    I remember you were our sanitary inspector both spiritually and physically. You taught us never to litter God’s house; you went low picking dirts round the Temple (Church building). Your eagle eyes could see cobwebs, which our ordinary eyes could not see. You taught me that the best place I would ever invest was in the house of God with a quality and neat offering.

    Though books have been written about you, my Daddy, but more books are yet to be written in your honor.


    Akanibo Patience Ogechi

  7. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Thanking God for what you were destined to be and how, in fulfilling your destiny, you blessed my life exceedingly.

    Words are not enough to tell my appreciation for your lifestyle and ministry. I am a christian because you obeyed.

    You will always be my best mentor and model.

    Phoebe Dangana

  8. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    It was a huge shock to me when I learnt he was dead. At first, I couldn’t believe it . . . Daddy, you touched my life in a very peculiar way. . . I just can’t imagine what life would be without you. . . I would very much miss your teaching. You had a very interesting way of preaching, your demonstration, your lifestyle, your songs.

    Daddy, I will really miss you,but I am consoled that we would still meet again in heaven. . .

    Adieu Daddy!

    Goodman Tarinabo

  9. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    One of God’s faithful Generals has finished God’s assignment and now resting in the bosom of the LORD. His last released book ‘I forgive, for my sake’ is his last testament to the Church.

    Daddy Apostle G. D. Numbere fought the good fight, completed the race and kept the faith. Daddy, you earned your crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge will award you on that day.

    Your memory is blessed.

    D. Ebere

  10. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Daddy, you were one preacher that never changed your message over the years. You were a Father of Pentecostalism that will never fail to correct the Church at every opportunity you had, no matter what the occasions were.

    You taught and lived a holy and righteous life. A spiritual father that will take out time to pray for all his children to be holy and focussed.

    In every of your teachings, you desperately wanted to impact to us your children the truth about heaven and the limited time we have.

    Everyone attests that you are in heaven where you had always pointed people to. I pray that we shall live and work by the things you have taught us, so we be qualified to see you again.

    Adieu Great General!

    Comfort Udoh
    Women Leader, Greater Evangelism World Crusade
    Olanada Church, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  11. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Words fail me really to describe how i felt when i heard this news. All i can say is Thanks be to God Almighty. You’ll forever be in my heart. I always looked forward to the service of every 1st January because I loved to see you and also partake in the Holy Communion and then your Fatherly Blessings which kept me all year round. And then you will say, “See you next year!” after the benediction.

    Daddy I know you are resting in the Bosom of the Lord. This is my consolation.

    Preye Abiama

  12. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Dear Daddy Numbere,

    You’ve been a part of our lives (my family and I) for as long as I can remember. You called me “Esther” at my birth and that’s the name I bear to this day. You also dedicated all four of my siblings as babies. You pulled my parents away from their “American Dream” and had them continue full-time ministry with you. My parent’s love and passion for you, and the things of God, made them leave their careers in the United States, and everything else they were doing, flew back to Nigeria, and continued with you the ministry you started together. I was only two at the time when I returned to Nigeria with my dad. Upon my return, you requested that I come live with you and your family at your house. My parents, for the love of God and you, had no objection to your request. So I moved into the Numbere household at such tender age. You gave me my name and then brought me into your home?! What an honor, thank you.

    Young as I may have been, I have so many fond memories growing up in your house. I wish I stayed longer. I remember specifically you feeding me with bird meat from your soup while eating. LOL. You had gone out and killed a bird, had it prepared, and sat down to enjoy. Me being a very picky eater, I enjoyed the meat from your soup. That was my first time tasting a bird other than chicken or turkey. I’m not sure what kind of bird it was but I was told that it was a bird you shot and killed with your catapult and had it prepared for you to eat. I can go on and on of how growing up in your ministry had and still has a great impact on me today. I enjoyed riding to school with your kids in the car even though they’d teased me most of the time, LOL. I also remember going to see “father Christmas” with Mummy and all of us kids, and Tammy was crying ’cause she was afraid of father Christmas. We did everything together.

    Growing up in G.E.W.C (Greater Evangelism World Crusade) Child Evangel was the coolest thing ever. It felt so good to get to be that kid that would present you with flowers at the gate whenever you visited my home Church then. You would lift me up each time after my presentation to you with a big smile on your face and say, “Esty my daughter, how are you”? I would respond timidly, “fine”. I remember the entire Church working round the clock to get the Church environment cleaned up whenever your visit was approaching and me practicing with my mom and Child Evangel teacher how to present you with the flowers. Upon your arrival, during your inspection of the Church, you would go as far as requesting for a stool to climb and check for dust on the ceiling fan with your bare hands. That was how much attention you paid to the details of the Church.

    Crusades!! and camps were my favorite. I loved how you hosted a lot of crusades in Port Harcourt and other cities. That would require us Child Evangel to work very hard; drama, music, Bible recitations and the like. At a very young age I was taught to go out on evangelisms, preaching to people and distributing tracts inviting them for the crusades. My dad was gone most of the time with you but it was for a good cause. I loved ministering with my fellow kids at Civic Centre, Port Harcourt, then if we had to go outside of 35 Elechi Beach. Too many great stories to tell of a great man like you, Daddy. I remember the healings and testimonies adults gave in Church even as a kid. Yes, I was that kid that paid attention in Church services, especially during the Word. Your messages were intriguing and captivating; it was hard not to pay attention even as a child. With all of the practical examples and demonstrations you would give while preaching.

    I’m not quite sure the end I envisioned for you leaving this world, but you leaving this early, was nowhere near my imaginations. I remember sitting in your office with my younger sister for about two hours or more just before coming back to the States. I had my pen and notebook that I used specially for your messages and wrote down word for word everything you said to my sister and I. I remember specifically how you said, “America is good and America is also bad. Choose the good and make the most of it and leave the bad”… how correct were you! Thank you, Daddy, for your great words of wisdom. You also said not to “forget the ministry and where we came from” and that when we start making money ‘to send our tithes back home’. Lol. You taught me a lot growing up and I am eternally grateful.

    This is hard to say, but I’ll say, rest well, Daddy. Thank you for calling me “Esther”, fondly called “Esty” by my family and loved ones and you too. Even though I’ve always wanted to have a talk with you and find out the reason for my name. Lol. I love my name and love you dearly. I pray we make it to be with you in heaven and finish this beautiful journey we started here on earth together. And we’ll hear you lead us in song, “Dabo inye eeh eeh, and we’ll respond, Dabo inye eeh …”

    Adieu Sir!
    Your “granddaughter”,
    Esther Tamunobaraboye Pepple (“Esty”)
    G.E.W.C Mile 3 Church – child evangel
    G.E.W.C 203 Bende Street – teenager
    G.E.W.C 52 Hospital Road – teenager

  13. A Tribute to my Father in the Lord – Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Daddy you are a father indeed. I remember when you heard about what God was doing in my small new station. You invited me and my wife to your house. You said you wanted to see us as regards to our station. When we came, you enquired of the Church and the work. We narrated to you how God was helping us. You were happy with us. You encouraged us. You prayed for us. You blessed us. In fact, you prayed specifically for God to provide a permanent site for the Church. As we left your house that day, we and the work did not remain the same again. Within a month of our visit, your prayers and blessing, God answered your prayers for us and provided a land for the Church’s permanent site and the money to pay for it.

    Daddy, you did not stop there. When you heard of the progress we made within the few months we got the land, you decided to visit our Church. You did not mind that we were a relatively new and small fellowship. What a loving father! What a humble man! It was through this your official visit to our Church that you created Elelenwo Zone because of what you saw on ground.

    Daddy, you loved my family. The job I am doing now was gotten through you. My wife is you cherished daughter.
    Daddy, we miss you. We would have wanted you to be alive for us. But our joy is that you lived and died as a good and great man of God. You fought a good fight and has made it. We promise to keep the flag flying and at the end to be with you in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Your Son,

    Pastor Isaac Nwankwo
    Senior Pastor
    GEWC Elelenwo Church 2
    Elelenwo Zone, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  14. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Even as I type this, my hands almost failing me, my head almost running blank. Tears flow from my eyes like waterfall.

    Now that you have entered the long silence, I lay my gratitude across your memory, the scoldings, the teachings.

    A great one, one of my own very legend who i came in contact with. You were bent on reshapening us at all cost. Not often does one soul ignite another with such intensity as yours did mine.

    There is no gift so glowing that I can give you. All I can do is to pass your torch to someone.

    With cloudy eyes, unbelieving spirit, and a shaky voice, all I could wish for at this point is R.I.P., meaning “Return If Possible.”

    Belema Iyagba

  15. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Daddy, Words can’t tell it all but I give all thanks and praise to God. Daddy, when no other Christian leader could stand out for the truth, God used you not only in Rivers State but the entire nation to checkmate even Church leaders and political leaders. You were so strong, bold and courageous when it had to do with God, no sentiments. When the government of Rivers State demolished rainbow and almost took down Nkpogu Church, at your presence they were dumbfounded.

    Daddy, you loved the Akanibos’ home and became a father to us in our poor and low state. You visited and provided for us. What a father! I must finish my race to see you again. So, my father, dein na mou!

    Akanibo Bele D

  16. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    This tribute is difficult to write. If I am to write a tribute to you, it will be like epistolary method as used in Mariama Ba’s ‘So Long A Letter.’ Short of words! What a great loss! The news of your death came as a story (tales by moonlight), throwing everyone off balance. Who can fill your vacuum? What an irreparable loss! What about the program ‘Caught Up’ that is touching lives? Then the logo that appeals to me most, “To Know Jesus and to make Jesus Known.”

    The International Director, you lived a fulfilled life. You never compromised your faith. The whole world loved and missed you so much. Father of many, Abonnema Church is crying for you! Unbelievable, but true that you are gone! We take solace in God Almighty.

    Adieu, Daddy! Dein na mu!

    Mr and Mrs Ibama Bala

  17. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    I rejoice with you as you find your resting place in God’s bosom.

    Your steps I shall follow. I shall never let the wind of false prophets take me out of the track you have left for us to follow. . .

    Young Bernard Osuagwu

  18. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    The news of your transition into eternal glory still remains a shock to me as I always believe “it’s Daddy now, he can never die.” Each day I sit down to ponder on your demise and the words you spoke on your last few days on earth, then I get to understand 2 Timothy 4:6-8 the more that truly an Apostle of JESUS CHRIST has finished his course.

    Word would not be able to express your countless and numerous efforts you’ve put into this vision and work that even the blind could testify that the faces of men which were bowed down to earth were raised up.

    A man whose heart pants for righteousness!
    A man if he could have his way will make sure everyone on earth leaves a holy life!
    A man whose passion for souls was incomparable!

    Indeed a GENERAL is gone but his legacies live on and is still winning much souls for Christ.

    Daddy, I know you’re up there waiting for us and at the appointed time we shall all fellowship together as before.

    I will never forget that stern look on your face which makes me reflect back if am on the right track.

    Daddy, I’ll miss everything about you and pray that God help us to continue with this VISION till our very end.

    LONG LIVE Greater Evangelism World Crusade (GEWC)!!!!!

    LONG LIVE Greater Evangelism Campus Crusaders (GECC)!!!!!

    Shadrach Chinome
    Greater Evangelism Campus Crusaders (GECC)
    Rivers State University of Science and Technology
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  19. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    At a point, I stopped seeing you as an ordinary man. Yes, you were extraordinary, indeed. I guess that’s why your passing unto glory was unbelievable. Every morning, in the last one week, I have asked myself why it had to be now. Why now that the world needs you most? They have said you have finished your work on earth and so had to go.

    The last time I saw you was on the first day of this year (Communion Service). I was really looking forward to another communion with you. I still can’t keep the tears from coming because I didn’t see you in your last days. Yes, your messages are on DVDs, but I would have traded anything for being around during your last days.

    Everyday, your departure gets real. And every day, I ask, what’s next? Who can ever be like you? Who can handle the Gospel like you did with boldness, and passion? Well, The Sovereign King, the God of Heaven, Whom you served and preached, I’m sure, knows what’s best and what He is doing.

    You were humble, loving, caring, passionate, and neat.

    I have been told that you knew it was time and you asked to be allowed to go. So it’s ok. I honestly pray to God to give the Church the grace and strength to handle your absence. And may He help us to please Him daily so that at the last day, we shall see you again. I can imagine your face when you see us in Heaven.

    I thank God for your life. I’m grateful to God for the opportunity of sitting under your tutelage. I’m most happy because you are in Heaven, sir.

    See you Soon!
    Azunna Gift Onyinyechi

  20. President Jonathan Condoles Christian Association of Nigeria on Death of Apostle Numbere

    Posted 2014-10-19 08:50:56

    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has received with sadness, news of the death of the Founder and General Overseer of Greater Evangelism World Crusade Ministries International, Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere.

    On behalf of his family and the Federal Government of Nigeria, President Jonathan extends heartfelt condolences to Apostle Numbere’s wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Nonyem Numbere, as well as his children, relatives and members of the Greater Evangelism World Crusade Church.

    The President also commiserates with the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the people of Rivers State on the loss of Apostle Numbere.

    President Jonathan joins them in mourning the revered spiritual leader and former Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the South-South Zone whose enormous impact on the moral and social development of millions of Nigerians and non-Nigerians will be greatly missed.

    He prays that Almighty God will receive Apostle Numbere’s soul and grant him eternal rest from his diligent labour in the Lord’s Vineyard.

    Reuben Abati
    Special Adviser to the President
    (Media & Publicity)

    October 19, 2014

  21. A Tribute to a True Image of God – Apostle G. D. Numbere

    I am not a member of Greater Evangelism World Crusade Church, but the good message of your ministry got to me. I never had the privilege to come in contact with you, but you came in contact with the likes of me through your outreach on Television Stations.

    I used to think you were an Ogoni man, and I gave God glory for blessing the land with a spirit-filled man like you: not until your demise when I was told you’re from Kalabari.

    Indeed, you were a special gift to the world, irrespective of tribe, race, colour or sex. In my home, we love almost all Crusaders because we believed that your followers are like you: you were a good teacher and father who lived an exemplary life. You were outstanding; no wonder the people of this world couldn’t make a joke of your name like they do to other people.

    Daddy, you lived well and I’m glad you’ve gone to be with the Lord. Sleep on and my regards to my sister, Letula, who loved your ministry so much but left untimely, till we all meet in glory on the resurrection morning.

    Aleema K. Kamenebali, Esq.

  22. My Father Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere – The Best Grandpa

    October 2007, Chibuisi still a baby, burst out crying and two women, my mom and I did our best to console and pacify him, all to no avail. In comes Grandpa [Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere], carries him and sings “Ine bosaki indon do, Da bosaki e oboko pe, Nnam digi ya doki dor.” Like magic, he kept quiet instantly.

    Well, this happened for my next two babies and in all cases “Super Nanny” came to the rescue. I concluded that this must be the anointing because I couldn’t reconcile how Grandpa so easily calmed his grandkids.

    You were always there, when I went into labour 8 p.m. for Chibi, you were there, 9 a.m. for Princess, you were there 6 a.m. for Estelle (you were not in the country but you were right there following up and you’d stay until they were born).

    Grandpa, your grandkids want to know where Heaven is so they can come visit. They always reported my husband and me to you, and you would tell us to prepare our lawyers. You loved your grandkids so much, you wanted more (*smiles). Yeah, I was ready to give you more if it would make you change your mind.

    You are irreplaceable Grandpa. We will meet again by the grace of God.

    Tammy Ejimadu

  23. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    During the few times I worshipped in Greater Evangelism World Crusade (GEWC), I saw how you laid the standard that messages (God’s word) be broken down till the least person understands.

    May God grant your family and the Ministry the fortitude to bear with your absence until the Resurrection morning.

    Mrs Hillary Owujie

  24. A Tribute To A Revolutionist – Apostle G. D. Numbere

    Time, they say, waits for no man. Apostle Numbere made judicious use of the time God gave him and today he has positively touched so many lives and affected generations which I’m part of. It’s so unfortunate that you will not be here to continue to transform generations, but one thing is sure that your stay on planet earth was very significant. It’s a life well spent. I draw inspiration from all your work as a young man. It’s a wake up call.

    Sleep on, Daddy.

    Justice Benson

  25. A Tribute to Apostle G. D. Numbere

    I may not have been privileged to meet with you face-to-face, but the SEEDS you raised (James, Toki, Kaydee, etc.) are ENOUGH evidence to me that YOU WERE A WONDERFUL FATHER and a kind anyone would yearn for.

    It’s simply a TRANSITION from the realm of Mortality to IMMORTALITY…


    Edun Jerri Jolomi John

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